Why Helvetia Performance Supplements?

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Enter into the world of human performance and natural health: here you will find an immense amount of information, products, and lifestyles to support individual growth. It is common for our personal health journeys to lead to a rhythm of trial and error, continuously trying new remedies or routines to achieve specific performance goals. Helvetia Human Performance Group, also known as Helvetia Performance, was created to provide a reliable solution to this cycle of seeking. Viewing human performance within a holistic framework, Helvetia Performance aims to greatly expand and refine an individual's relationship to their potential.

Putting The Human at The Forefront of Excellence

Helvetia Performance is driven to provide products and services to support the curious and motivated person who wants to be the best version of themselves, regardless of their starting point. We integrate the best of modern science and medicine with traditional modalities spanning from neuroscience to traditional Chinese medicine. We bring together a network of knowledgeable and experienced holistic clinicians, mentors and coaches who care deeply about the people they work with and the excellence of their work. Our products and services are curated with the knowledge that an individual is comprised of various dimensions such as the physical, intellectual, social, emotional, sexual, and spiritual selves. Harnessing every area of a person's potential is critical to experience a more profound progress in the individual's quest to achieve specific performance and health goals.

A Holistic Approach to Herbal Supplements

Helvetia Performance’s supplements are inspired by the perfect synergy between holistic health perspectives and the time-renowned practice of Spagyrics. Just as we examine the relationship between the body, mind, and soul as it relates to human performance, Spagyrics functions on the premise that all material is comprised of a body, mind (spirit), and soul. This is particularly interesting when we consider how effectively mushroom and herbal extract based Spagyric supplements can support a holistic health routine. Developing our full-spectrum organic herbal supplements using Spagyric extraction methods was the obvious route for us. This approach ensures that the supplements we created would directly support and greatly impact the holistic model of human performance we are pursuing. We are excited to share more about our production methods and the fascinating methodology of Spagyrics in our future writing!

The formulas for the supplements that support each of the performance and health goals have been designed by Daniel Wiseman, clinical herbalist and member of the Canadian Council of Herbalist Association, inspired by his experience with the Spagyric process, Western Herbalism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and medicinal herb farming. Our specialized formulas are unique and carefully chosen as the basis for our best-in-class, premium products. Every detail of the production and packaging process has been chosen to reflect our highest standard.

The Greatness of the Individual

Helvetia Performance is focused on providing holistic solutions for anyone motivated to improve. We've seen from direct personal experience, as well as from working with some of the world's greatest legends, that we can all achieve new levels of our performance and health goals every day. We are interested in the themes that are present for any individual seeking greatness or self-improvement. However it is for you today does not define how it will be for you tomorrow! We have designed our products and services to support the personal growth opportunities and health challenges that are of greatest interest to many people today. We refer to these opportunities and challenges as performance and health goals.

Performance and Health Goals

Our supplements are created to help support the main interests and concerns people have today. We aim to inform and educate people of the fact that natural, organic supplements can be healthy options with low risk of side effects when used properly.

Brain performance and health – improving cognitive skills like concentration, focus, attention, memory, problem solving, decision making, and creativity as well as slowing down cognitive aging and neurological degenerative diseases.

Energy and stamina – providing organic alternatives to caffeines, drugs and other stimulants that people take for energy prior to physical and cognitive effort of high performers whether they be athletes, students, professionals, executives and entrepreneurs, weekend warriors or anyone else looking to perform at their best when they want to be at their best!

Recovery – supporting full and quick recovery so can be ready to be at our best as soon as possible.

Stress Relief – a most common issue in the world today, dealing with challenging relationships and experiences and the difficulties of life that can arise.

Immune Support – people have become more sensitive to keeping their immune systems strong, especially during certain seasons, and for environments when we feel more vulnerable.

Libido – intimate relationships are an important part of life, our supplements support the physiological love systems!

Sleep Aid – perhaps one of the most important elements to performing at our best, of healing and growth, of memory and learning, of healthy nervous and immune systems is sleep quantity and quality. Our supplements support people who want optimal sleep and whose sleep can be affected because they have a lot on their mind and because they work, study and play in the evenings that are not a part of optimal pre-sleep routines.

Longevity – our supplements support the many people who are motivated to live a long, highly functional and joyful life! A strong and healthy brain and nervous system, quality sleep and energy are some of the keys to supporting the lifestyles and thinking styles associated with the quality of living we aim for.

Day Architecture

Our line of supplements is also inspired by how a typical day unfolds for high performers. They wake up wanting to activate and prime the brain for the day. Here they could use our Neuro Support which helps prepare the whole being for practices, competition, meetings, or studying. Optimal cognitive function is critical for ensuring these tasks are completed with natural energy and stamina. An important part of this entire process is to then experience a full and fast recovery to be ready to perform again.

The architecture of a holistic day supported by Helvetia Performance can look like this:

  • Neuro Support in the morning (coffee alternative)

  • Pre-Performance before important meetings, practices, games, or competitions

  • Stress Relief and Immune Support after intense activity

  • Sleep Aid to encourage deep, restorative and restful sleep

Stress, mental health and mood are challenged in high performance environments and life in general, so as a part of every day living, they must maintain strong immunity.. Establishing a firm boundary between ourselves and our environment ensures that we stay healthy, active, and available to live our best lives possible.

Sleep ends the day to assist recovery, healing, and growth by consolidating the lessons of the day. When we sleep, we prepare for the next day and lay the foundation for a long life ahead.

Switzerland and Swiss Excellence

Helvetia Human Performance Group is founded in Switzerland, the birthplace of Paracelsus, a 16th century physician, alchemist, philosopher and father of Spagyrics and modern toxicology. The name Helvetia is another form of the word Switzerland that encompasses the female personification of a particularly resilient people who inhabited parts of what is now Switzerland during the time of the Roman Empire. We are a family owned business that is driven by quality and integrity in all that we do, attributes that are very much aligned with the reputation of Swiss excellence!

Learn more about us by viewing these collections of organic Spagyric herbal supplements, designed to support your specific performance and health goals. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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