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Our Story

Helvetia Performance, short for Helvetia Human Performance Group, is a Swiss, family-owned business founded in 2019 by Hugh Quennec.

We provide products and services to support curious and motivated people who want to be the best version of themselves, regardless of their starting point. 

Our approach is holistic, integrating the best of modern science and medicine with traditional and natural medicines, including a broad spectrum of disciplines from neuroscience to traditional Chinese medicine.

To be holistic means that we acknowledge all aspects of an individual’s life – physical, intellectual, social, emotional, sexual and spiritual. A holistic framework considers how these aspects of an individual are impacted by environment, lifestyle, thought patterns and experiences.

We are highly motivated by studies in neurology, with a particular focus on the brain, nervous system, and their interaction with the gut biome - often referred to as the second brain.

Spagyric herbal supplements

Helvetia Performance's unique formulations have been crafted by Hugh’s partner Daniel Wiseman, an experienced Canadian herbalist with a refined focus in the practice of Spagyric extraction. These herbal formulas are specifically designed to support the most common personal performance and health goals. Inspired by the principles of this 16th century alchemical extraction process, Helvetia Performance curates full spectrum, Spagyric supplements designed to advance the pursuits and dreams of high performers and all those motivated to improve themselves. 

Daniel Wiseman is also the founder of Secret Fire which represents his lifetime of work.

Why Spagyrics?

The Spagyric method used to produce our herbal supplements yields a best-in-class potency and bio-availability that you can feel. To produce these most powerful, organic herbal supplements, we begin with an impeccable quality of mushrooms and herbs that are essential for excellence. Once we have completed the Spagyric process, our herbal extracts are infused into grapefruit fiber and encapsulated in enteric coated capsules. This unique capsule 'delivery method' bypasses the typical degradation of the stomach acid and only begins to dissolve as it reaches the intestines. Delivering all components directly to the digestive tract ensures maximum absorption of all benefits that the plants and mushrooms have to offer us.

Hugh Quennec

Hugh is Swiss, born and raised in Canada and living in Switzerland since 1994.  He has extensive experience in the worlds of business, finance, professional sports and human performance.  Hugh has personally experienced the positive effects of a holistic approach to living life, and has seen it applied by people to become the very best performers in the world. He has also witnessed holistic health greatly assist those in his life who have overcome some of the most significant health challenges. Hugh has brought together a network of knowledgeable and experienced holistic clinicians, mentors and coaches who care deeply about the people they work with and the excellence of their work.

Daniel Wiseman

Daniel lives in Canada, where he was born and raised. He is a clinical herbalist supporting people who have a wide range of performance goals and health challenges.  Daniel also loves to teach, lecture, and lead workshops. His unique approach to Western herbalism combines various natural medicine traditions, Spagyric medicine making, organic herb farming and sustainable wild harvesting. He is a board member of the Herbalist Association of Nova Scotia, the Canadian Council of Herbalist Associations, and a member of the International Alchemy Guild. Visit Secret Fire to learn more.


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