Our mission is to provide the tools and knowledge needed
to take active control of your health and longevity,
regardless of the starting point.

Whether you’re in peak condition, looking to maintain abilities or coming back from illness and injury, we support you to improve performance, well-being and recovery.
Our approach is holistic and based on first principles with a neuro spearhead, arming you with custom tailored products, clinical services and curricula.

helvetia performance

Providing a holistic approach with a multidisciplinary team of practitioners that enables
an embracing of lifestyle changes and tools essential for personal transformation,
whether in sport, work or everyday life.

helvetia innovation

Developing cutting edge products, IP, research and curricula,
created and tested by our team of multidisciplinary experts.

helvetia Hub

A community-based platform of multimedia and e-commerce
showcasing expertise, innovation and educational content.

our story


A former financial markets executive and professional sports team owner with a passion for people and sport, driven by a desire to unleash untold good onto the world, a functional neuroscientist with an intimate and unique understanding of the brain and a clinical herbalist with a talent for the alchemical arts…

The universe decided to bring these passionate people together, and along with their handpicked network of talented and dedicated human performance specialists the Helvetia Human Performance Group was created.

Meet the partners

Hugh Quennec

Hugh founded Helvetia Human Performance Group in 2019 with a clear goal of bringing together a multidisciplinary team of holistic practitioners to help people live long, highly functional and rewarding lives, to develop products and curriculum that make significant impact based on years of clinical experience, and to inform and educate as many people as possible of these tools, methodologies and holistic philosophy. His experience in business and finance, and in developing grassroots community sports programs, elite youth academies, professional sports teams and athletes has strengthened his conviction that an integrated and holistic approach with a neuro spearhead is the New Frontier of performance and wellbeing, enabling the expansion of human potential.

Daniel Wiseman

Daniel joins the Helvetia Human Performance Group as a clinical herbalist and as the lead developer of our herbal spagyric supplements. His eclectic practice includes a blend of traditional and modern systems of natural medicine, spagyric medicine making, organic herb farming and sustainable wild harvesting. He teaches herbal medicine and spagyria privately and at the Bloom Institute of Herbal Studies, is a board member of the Herbalist Association of Nova Scotia, the Canadian Council of Herbalist Associations and a member of the International Alchemy Guild.

David Rosenthal

Dr David Rosenthal was the first clinician to join Hugh in this endeavor and plays a key role in leading the projects neuro-spearhead. He provides rehabilitations that utilize vision, balance, coordination, strength, gait, and cognition to improve human efficiency. He is a Doctor of Chiropractic and a clinical neuroscientist in practice in the United States since 1998. He is fellowship-trained in functional neurology, childhood neuro-developmental disorders, acupuncture, pediatrics, and vestibular rehabilitation. Dr. Rosenthal is the ambassador and past president of the Interdisciplinary Association of Functional Neurosciences and Rehabilitation (IAFNR).

We work directly with athletes and high-performers to help them reach the top levels 
in their chosen field and fully optimise their performance, well-being and recovery.